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Boys and girls, just good advice, go out on the weekend and speak directly to the people you are interested in.

Oh Thilo! In the so-called “real life” people also lie as much as they can and I personally have had the painful experience that it is not better “outside” on site! Only miserable & arrogant market value testers everywhere !!

The crux of the matter is simply … figuring out how to use these forums WITHOUT getting disappointed, hurt & humiliated!

Thanks for your comment, I agree with you. Unfortunately, I also had some painful experiences. I have a feeling that many who are registered there are just interested in switching partners like shirts. There are a lot of damaged people on the way who have totally twisted values, which, as soon as one shows closeness and affection, are completely unable to allow a relationship. I ask myself more and more what kind of society we actually live in. I describe myself as a very positive person, intelligent and humorous, am educated and pretty to look at. And yet nothing has worked with love for years. What a disappointment. Wish you all the best too. Silvia

After looking around here on the site and reading the reviews of Finya, here is my comment on the portal.

After being registered with Finya for a year, it was definitely enough for me. It is not that women are only offered “quick sex” there. I had some contacts and some nice dates too.

What struck me as unpleasant, however, is the tone with which people communicate there. I also had the same experiences that many women have there: I had set some pretty pictures there neutral and was littered with cheap, stupid sayings there, always by the same people who apparently send mass emails. However, if I wrote seriously to men there, either mostly clear offers came or nothing happened. I have never had so many bad experiences on any other portal as on Finya. My conclusion, girls: let it go, there are other portals if you are looking for a serious relationship !!!

i have been here for 3 years. and I am almost 40 years old female. there are either only inquiries from men who are 20 years old. (should I feel flattered)? or by men over 50 years old. most of them are just looking for affairs or the like. the few men I have written to do not answer. surprisingly, however, I am clicked every minute (which I am on the right in

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