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I don’t mean anything superficial like her great eyes. Here is a little video that shows how most men write to women when dating online and what they do wrong:

Now I’m going to give you a few flirting lines that have worked very well for me personally. All flirtatious lines that you will surely get a reaction to – even if it is just a confused “What? Why ”will be.

As I said: There are many flirting lines, but there is certainly not ONE perfect line. Rather, you should address a woman individually and not send standard messages to hundreds of women. Have fun, be creative, and come up with something fun. Be who you are – because you want to find a woman who suits you and who takes you for who you are.

If you are looking for flirting lines for casual dating, then I recommend the sexting article, in which I give you a few examples.

If you still want to share some great flirtation with us, please leave a comment below the article

I don’t want to give you many tips about online dating at this point – there are many articles that try to explain how to optimize your profile, put the best profile picture online and how you can write to women. All of this is actually relatively self-explanatory and can be summarized in one sentence:

Put in a reasonable picture of yourself, do not write too much about yourself and make the woman curious about you by writing her something that other men do not send her every day – and do not wait until women write to you, but take it yourself the scepter in hand.

In the meantime, there are certainly interesting apps with which you can quickly get into conversation with women. Whether you can find a long-term relationship with such an app or just one night stands is an open question.

With the help of a dating site you will be able to quickly get into conversation with women – on most pages you will then be recommended expensive platforms such as Parship, Elitepartner, Friendscout24 etc. These are certainly great platforms and have millions of members (how many of them are really active is another question, of course) – but they also have their price. For me personally it would be too much to pay 30 euros or more a month for an online dating platform. These platforms are often advertised with the fact that you can use them in a free version – but in these versions you can usually not even send messages to other members of your own accord.

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