funny online dating profile examples for men: Ideal conversation newbies – Critical

Ask yourself. What do you say about a man who always has many wives? That he’s a womanizer, a charmer and a playboy. Such a man is highly regarded in our society. On the other hand, what do you say about a woman who has been with many men? That it is easy to get. Such a woman is not highly regarded by society. This is why most women so rarely flirt aggressively.

What can you do about it? Make it as easy as possible for the woman to write to you. Give her a reason to do it. For example, if you like reading, you can write in your profile: “What is your favorite book?”. This increases your chances of being contacted!

Last note: correct spelling and grammar make you sexy. If the woman gets the impression that you do not speak the German language, you will come across as unintelligent. Double-check your text thoroughly. This tool can help you with that.

I would now like to show you specific examples that I have tested and that have worked very well in practice. However, you have to know that it is impossible to perfectly meet all the criteria described in point 3. That is also not necessary. Above all, you have to understand the meaning behind the respective points. You should always make sure to follow as many as possible. As in the following examples.

This is my personal favorite. It works best in statistics. I want you to think about what things you don’t like about a woman. What do you think is an absolute no-go for women? For example, I would never go out with women who smoke, do not do sports and just sit in front of the TV and watch RTL II, who do not receive further education, who have no goals in life, who go out to party three times a week … Make a list of the top five things that you find unattractive about women. And then you add this list to your profile. This is how you communicate that you have high standards and that you do not find a woman interesting just because of her good looks. This sets you apart from most other men on Tinder and Co. This puts women in a position that they don’t know from online dating: they have to make an effort to qualify for you. The particularly good-looking women in particular are unlikely to have experienced anything like this before. I promise you one thing: she’ll turn it on. Women hate it when the man wants sex or a relationship with them without them having to make an effort.

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